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Main Discipline: Zumba
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London (Central)

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Here's the 'dry' definition of Zumba: an aerobic fitness programme featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music. Here's the reality: shake, shimmy and smile your way through some easy to follow steps to wicked summer grooves. And even if you're not following the 'set' moves, as long as you're moving, you're set!

I'm Reggie, and hopefully soon I'll be chatting and dancing with you in one of my classes. I've detested 'exercise' and 'organised fun' my whole life. Both felt horribly dictatorial and oppressive.But I've always loved dancing and 'sneaky exercise' - you know, where you're so absorbed you don't realise how hard you've been working out. What better way to exercise then dancing those blues and inches away? Somehow it snuck up on me - I was not only going to classes, I took the course to teach and became a licensed instructor, and then we had so much fun in classes I started my own, and then I wanted to know even more about it so became a qualified Level 2 Exercise to Music instructor. And now a Zumba(R) toning instructor.. Yikes! How'd that happen?

So if you're 16 or over, come join me at one of your local Zumba classes and see why that happened. We'll shake those hips and wiggle that bottom through fun and cheery Latin music from salsa to reggaeton, meringue and cumbia, to modern pop, latin and RnB grooves. My classes work you hard, but we also laugh hard too.


Hourly Rate: £06
First Lesson Cost: £04
Both days in one week (Monday+Tuesday): £10
Block of ten classes: £50

Working Times


I've taught over 200 classes in the last year, after spending six years going to and loving Zumba classes.
This year, I expanded my training, adding Zumba toning to my licenses, and attending the Zumba Instructor Academy in London earlier this year. That's right, some 600 instructors in a convention centre powering through masterclass after masterclass. As Miranda would say, "such fun!"


Zumba Toning
Zumba Core
Level 2 Exercise to Music


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