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A Registered Instructors Review

Richard Mitchener Who Offers Self Defence and Fitness lessons

‘It’s good marketing practice to promote, promote and promote again. With the ever increasing need to be “Found / Discovered” when promoting your business via social media, media publications etc. I came across the http://www.instructors-directory.co.uk website recently. The purpose of the site is to promote all instructors / tutors from driving instructors to Yoga Instructors and Music Tutors from all over the country, and you can list for Free.

A Registered Instructors Review

This is how I registered initially, in mid-February 2016 and then after a couple of days I upgraded to the premium listing, which gives great benefits and costs less than the price of a coffee per month (bit of a no brainer!).

Your profile allows for lots of information to be presented, including your logo, text, contact details, opening times, qualifications etc.

Mark, the site founder, is both proactive and approachable around positive suggestions. I am not technically minded but I always feel that when I have tried to explain anything he understands.

Within a short time of registering on the site I quickly achieved a 1st page listing on a well-known Search Engine, exactly what I was aiming for. Over 90 of my clients state they found me via an internet search.

An additional benefit of the site is the customer review section. Based on this and an ‘Instructor of the month’ mention my business has received several Tweets to help promote my business listing.

I would strongly recommend listing your details on http://www.instructors-directory.co.uk

Richard, Combat Academy Chelmsford in Essex (Reality Self Defence & Fitness) http://www.instructors-directory.co.uk/CombatAcademyEssex'

Posted By: Mark
Posted On: 02-Apr-2016

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